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Tibor Ferkócza, a sole proprietor, as the operator of LaFunky web store, applies the following GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS as defined in this document, effective from October 17, 2021, in his contractual relationships.


I. General Provisions


I/1. Tibor Ferkócza shall display the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS in a visible location at his place of business and shall also make the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS continuously available on the company’s website located under

I/2. The provisions defined in these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS primarily regulate the legal relationships between Tibor Ferkócza / LaFunky / as Supplier and the Clients entering into contractual relationships with him.

These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS must be applied to all types of advice, offers, sales, deliveries, services provided by the supplier, as well as all existing and future legal relationships between the supplier and Clients, and other partners.

I/3. LaFunky does not accept the general terms and conditions applied by the Clients entering into contractual relationships with it; those conditions are not applicable to the contractual relationships of Tibor Ferkócza or LaFunky.

I/4. Only Hungarian law shall and can be applied to the legal relationships indicated by these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

I/5. Deviations from these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS can only be made through a written agreement.

I/6. LaFunky’s Information:

Service Provider Name: Tibor Ferkócza Sole Proprietor

Registered Office: 4 Fészek Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Tax Identification Number: 66560955-2-40

Community Tax Identification Number: HU6656095

Bank Account Number: 10104961-41370700-01005000

Representative Body: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County

Contact Person: Tibor Ferkócza

Contact Person’s Address: 4 Fészek Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Contact Person’s Phone Number: +36303656320

Contact Person’s Email Address:

Language of the Agreement: Hungarian

Service Provider’s Website:

Service Provider’s Contact:

Hosting Service Provider: Ecoform Systems Hungary Ltd., 1-3 Tompa M. Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (


II. Data Handling Rules


II/1. We handle the data of our Clients confidentially and in full compliance with the relevant laws.

Invoices are prepared for the ordered products and are preserved in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Detailed information about data handling: Data Handling Information.


III. Purchasing Products


III/1. Our products can be purchased online through advance payment, credit card payment, and we also provide the option for personal pickup, in which case cash payment is possible. The price of our products includes the cost of delivery and packaging, which represents 20% of the total purchase price. The product prices and related fees include a 27% VAT.

III/2. By clicking on the category name, you can access the list of products within it. If all products in a particular category cannot fit on one page, you can navigate through the numbers above or below the products. Each viewed product is accompanied by 5 images, which are not illustrations and accurately depict the reality. II/3. On the website, there is an option to search for products based on keywords. The product search results matching the search criteria appear in a list format similar to the categories. We also display the price of our products.

III/4. The selected product can be added to the cart using the “Add to Cart” button. The Client can review the contents of the cart through the Cart section. Items can be removed or additional products can be added to the cart here. By clicking the “Order” button, the Client can proceed with the purchase process.

III/5. In the next step of the order process, the Client needs to choose the delivery method. Through a summary page, the Client can review all previously provided information and the selected product. In case of input errors, corrections can be made to the provided data. If everything is satisfactory, the order can be finalized by clicking the “Order” button. Confirmation of the order will be received on the website and via email within 48 hours of placing the order. If the Client identifies incorrect information after receiving the confirmation email, it must be promptly reported to the Service Provider, but no later than within 24 hours.


IV. Order Process


IV/1. Only one copy of the products available on our website is produced. After selecting the product, there is no option to specify the quantity. Place the selected item in the cart and provide the requested information. Choose the delivery method. After this, your order will be taken, and you will receive a confirmation email containing the electronic invoice and information about delivery or pickup details. By placing the order, you have accepted our defined General Terms and Conditions.

IV/2. The Client is required to fulfill the payment obligation within 1 day as specified in the invoice, to the designated bank account. The service provider assumes the obligation of delivery only after the complete receipt of the delivery fee and purchase price. The deadline specified in the invoice is considered a fixed deadline, and if the Client fails to pay within the deadline, the Supplier may withdraw from the sales transaction. Withdrawal can be communicated via email to the email address provided by the customer.

V. Delivery

V/1. Delivery Fee

V/1/1. The delivery fee and packaging cost have been included in the product purchase price as outlined in point III/1.

V/1/2. In the case of personal pickup, there is no delivery fee.

V/1/3. Delivery is performed by our contracted delivery partners. The delivery partners do not perform assembly.

V/2. Delivery Timeframe

V/2/1. The delivery timeframe is a maximum of 21 working days following the placement of the order. The exact date will be communicated to the Client via email or phone. After receiving the order, we compile and hand over the products to the delivery partner within 1-4 working days. In case of unforeseen events, we will contact the Client via email or phone to modify the delivery timeframe.

V/3. Delivery Methods

V/3/1. Home delivery by courier service.

Product delivery takes place during working hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM). The contracted courier service will send an automatic email or SMS notification about the delivery. The choice of courier service for the specific order is determined individually based on the size and weight of the products.

V/3/2. If needed, please ensure suitable assistance to minimize any hindrance to the courier’s work.

V/3/3. The courier’s personnel will bring the package to the Client’s front door and do not perform assembly.

V/3/4. Especially for heavy items, please provide assistance for unloading at the location. This will be coordinated separately during the delivery process.

V/3/5. Personal pickup is also possible, following prior arrangement.

Pickup Address: 4 Fészek Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (LaFunky)

V/3/8. For personal pickup, payment can be made in cash upon receipt of an invoice or through advance payment and credit card payment (Barion).

V/3/9. For personal pickup, after telephone coordination, the Client can decide whether they want the product to be packaged or not.

V/3/10. Upon receiving the product, the Client is obligated to examine the package to ensure it is intact and contains all the ordered items. If the Client notices any quantity or quality issues, both the Client and the courier service must create a protocol.

If a protocol is not created, it will be assumed that the Client received the ordered products in the specified quantity and quality.


VI. Right of Withdrawal


VI/1. The Client – if considered a consumer under the Civil Code – has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract related to the product within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product, without providing any justification. The withdrawal declaration should be sent to Tibor Ferkócza, the sole proprietor, within the aforementioned period, via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The withdrawal form provided in Annex 1 of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be used by the consumer for exercising the right of withdrawal.

If the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal as mentioned above, they are required to return the purchased product in its original condition – corresponding to its condition at the time of receipt – to the registered office of the supplier/Ferkócza Tibor. The consumer bears the cost of returning the products.

After the product, in its undamaged state, arrives at the supplier’s registered office, the supplier is obligated to refund the purchase price paid by the consumer within 8 banking days. The refund is made via bank transfer to the consumer’s specified bank account.

VII./ Prices


VII./1. The prices on the LaFunky website are gross prices,

VII./2. The products can only be ordered by prepayment or payment by credit card, unless the Customer chooses to pay in person, in which case cash payment is also possible.

VII./3. After the order has been placed, an electronic confirmation will be sent, in which an electronic invoice will be issued. You will find the invoice in the packaging after delivery.

VII./4. Payment methods

In our webshop you can choose from the following payment methods.

VII./4/1. Direct bank transfer (payment in advance)

Payment can be made directly to the bank account number on the invoice we send you by bank transfer. Please indicate the order number in the comment field of the payment order, which you will find in the confirmation e-mail following your order and on the invoice. The processing of the order and the delivery of the chosen delivery method will be carried out after receipt of the invoice amount (purchase price).

VII./4./2. Cash on delivery (Cash)

If you choose the personal delivery method, you may pay the purchase price of the product(s) in cash against an invoice. In this case, the order will not be subject to a delivery charge. Payment by credit card is not possible at the point of collection.

VII./4./3. Payment by credit card (Barion)

Online credit card payments are made through the Barion system. The credit card details are not transmitted to the merchant. The service provider Barion Payment Zrt. is supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, licence number H-EN-I-1064/2013. For more information: Please contact the company operating the payment gateway (Barion) in case of such problems.


The method of delivery will be determined by LaFunky and the customer will be informed of this. Delivery conditions may be modified at any time.


VIII. Processing and fulfilment of the order


VIII./1.Order processing will be carried out within 48 hours of the order being placed, of which you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The order will be fulfilled within 2 – 21 working days. You will be informed of the processing, preparation, delivery and fulfilment of your order by e-mail to the address you have provided. We will send an e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided to us, informing you that the ordered product has been delivered to the courier.

IX. Warranty, guarantee


IX./1. We guarantee our products in the cases, in the manner and under the conditions specified in the applicable legislation. Since only one copy of each product is made, no replacement is possible. Proper use and regular maintenance and cleaning of the product are a prerequisite for any warranty or similar claims. Failure to do so and improper use of the product will void any warranty or guarantee. No warranty or guarantee claims may be made if the product is modified or damaged in any way.

IX./2. The Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing of any claim for warranty of accessories, product warranty or guarantee immediately after the discovery of the defect, and the Buyer shall record the following information in the notification:

Buyer’s name, address,

name of the product, purchase price,

the date of purchase,

the date on which the defect was notified,

a detailed description of the defect,

the claim the buyer wishes to assert.

The buyer must also attach to the said notification the invoice for the contested product.

X. Other provisions


X./1. LaFunky shall be entitled to amend or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without giving any reason, and the Terms and Conditions as amended in this way shall be effective from the date of publication on

X./2. The Zalaegerszeg District Court – or, depending on the jurisdiction, the Zalaegerszeg General Court – shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle disputes arising from contracts and legal relationships between Tibor Ferkócza, a sole entrepreneur, and his customers, buyers and other partners who are not consumers. In the event of a dispute, the consumer may also initiate proceedings before the conciliation board operated by the county (capital city) chambers of commerce and industry.

X./3. Our furniture are design elements, yet they also function as fully-fledged utility items. However, if we want to keep them in their original state for many years, it is important to take care of their maintenance and cleaning.

X./4. Some important information about the special maintenance of our furnishings:

Furniture should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight. Do not place them in the immediate vicinity of a radiator.

Do not place furniture directly near air conditioning equipment.

Do not place furniture in close proximity to furnishings, do not place them in close proximity to heat sources.

It is recommended to change the position of the ornaments during the first year to avoid discolouration.

When writing, use a pad so that the tip of the pen does not scratch the surface of the table.

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean furniture.

To care for furniture, use beeswax or oil-based care products appropriate for the wood and furniture.

To avoid stains, we recommend using a coaster.

Do not place a wet glass/dish directly on the table surface.

When cleaning metal parts, be aware that moisture can cause corrosion. Metal surfaces should normally be cleaned with a dry or slightly soapy cloth. Remember to wipe the metal parts dry after cleaning. Do not use solvents on varnished surfaces.


Zalaegerszeg, 2023.08.31.

The ” Annex 1 – Withdrawal declaration ” – can be downloaded by clicking here.

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