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Atonika Tavaris / Canvas Art


To you, it’s all just play and games… Do you think that’s all there is? Yes, it is certainly an important ingredient.

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Wall Art – A window for exciting new worlds.

The pieces in our DistrictLab collection are like spices in a dish. Without them, the functionality remains intact, but the experience is incomplete and everything feels sterile and soulless.

Our home is our castle. If we take our home design even a bit seriously, the mere thought of finding a great piece of art must be exhilirating. These are indeed stylish accessories that will undoubtedly give personality to our empty walls and reflect the owner’s interior design perspective.


Introducing Atonika Tavaris – The Player 1

Just one more game…until sunrise..

This canvas art radiates with playful energy, transforming your living space into a sanctuary of joy and delight. Its vibrant colors and cheerful design evoke a sense of wonder, inviting you to embrace the magic of life’s simple pleasures.

The dominant yellow hue symbolizes the radiant joy that resides within us, while the clever interplay of dark grey and brighter colors reflects the contrast between the playful essence of our being and the monotony of everyday life. A testament to the beauty of duality, this artwork celebrates the harmonious balance between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


Main features:

  • Environment friendly – Made from recycled materials for a touch on sustainability.
    The frame and board are crafted from leftover woodworking materials.
  • Custom made – Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Unique design – Every piece is one of a kind. We do not create the same thing twice.
  • Reusable packaging – We designed the packaging for each of our Canvas art to be durable and usable even after shipping.
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 90 × 140 cm
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