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Extraordinary CoffeeTable from a rusting miniverse.

If you desire an unconventional piece of interior design that is infused with an ideology and adds a touch of individuality to your space, then you are in luck! Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind coffee table will add an unique touch to your home decor.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that core of these furniture pieces are used barrels. We cut them to size, thoroughly clean them and after sanding down any remaining rust. After that we prepare the barrels for the painting with a sandblasting process. Meanwhile, our creative team is owrking on the imagery. This usually involves exploring and elaborating a specific topic, while ensuring the harmony of the message and the visuality. We take our inspiration from our daily impulses, important events of the World, but even background music or the exploration of a particular artistic style can serve as in inspiration individuality of our creations.

After hours of work, our creative time finishes the design and we prepare the barrel for the printing.

Once the finished accessories (locks, feet, fasteners) are cut to size and lined up within arm’s reach, the assembly process begins, which is also done by hand. It’s a two-person job due to the cylindrical shape requiring four hands for simultaneous movement and decoration. At the end of the lenghty process, the table slowly takes its final form. We apply the accessories and creative graphics and then the coffee table will be ready to elevate your decor game.

In our Essential collection, you will find coffee tables that, with their unique personalities, entice, inspire, and encourage engaging discussions.

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