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Matera’BDSM / Canvas Art


A captivating figure, veiled yet not completely bare. With closed eyes, she may not be aware of my gaze, but her allure ensnares me nonetheless.

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Wall Art – A window for exciting new worlds.

The pieces in our DistrictLab collection are like spices in a dish. Without them, the functionality remains intact, but the experience is incomplete and everything feels sterile and soulless.

Our home is our castle. If we take our home design even a bit seriously, the mere thought of finding a great piece of art must be exhilirating. These are indeed stylish accessories that will undoubtedly give personality to our empty walls and reflect the owner’s interior design perspective.


Introducing Matera’BDSM  – The cover girl

Magazine cover girl transformed into a collage art. She exudes an air of mystery, teasing and tantalizing the imagination. With every glance, she leaves you yearning for more, entwining you in her enigmatic allure. This is no ordinary piece of art; it’s an audacious statement, a daring choice for those who revel in the unconventional and crave the extraordinary.

Her presence on your walls sparks curiosity and ignites a fire within you. She’s not just a decoration; she’s a bold declaration of your unique taste and unapologetic passion for art. As you immerse yourself in her artistry, you feel a rush of empowerment, embracing your own creativity and embracing the spirit of daring individuality.


Main features:

  • Environment friendly – Made from recycled materials for a touch on sustainability.
    The frame and board are crafted from leftover woodworking materials.
  • Custom made – Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Unique design – Every piece is one of a kind. We do not create the same thing twice.
  • Reusable packaging – We designed the packaging for each of our Canvas art to be durable and usable even after shipping.
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 90 × 140 cm
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